Board of Trustees

Lincoln County School District #2 is governed by a set of policies that are developed and administered by a seven member, elected Board of Trustees. The day-to-day operation of the school district is overseen by the Superintendent, Alan Allred.

The Board of Trustees meets in a monthly meeting, typically held the second Thursday of the month. A calendar of meetings for 2017 can be accessed at the following link: Board Calendar 2017.  Approved minutes from past board meetings are archived on the BoardDocs website. A link is provided below.

Board of Trustees Contact Information and Assignment

Wade Hirschi- Chairman
Karen Tallerico- Vice-Chairman
Alan Linford- Clerk
Connie Day- Treasurer
Donna Ivie
Eileen Merritt
Lane Allred

Click here for Board Policies- You will be re-directed to the BoardDocs site.  Use the drop down arrow to look at active policies, those under consideration and retired. Under the policies tab you may also use the drop-down arrow to view current procedures.

Board agendas are available at: http://www.boarddocs.com/wy/lcsd2/Board.nsf/Public

Board meeting video is available at: http://www.boarddocs.com/wy/lcsd2/Board.nsf/Public

Follow the above link, select the meeting you would like to view the video of, select view agenda, scroll to the bottom of the agenda and click on Board Meeting Video. If the meeting you desire to see is not available please contact the District Office.

Board minutes are available at: http://www.boarddocs.com/wy/lcsd2/Board.nsf/Public

To view minutes- select the desired meeting from the active agenda list and click on view minutes.


Contained in the BoardDocs Library are the following items:

  • Policies and Procedures- Active, Under Review and Retired policies are available. Current procedures are also accessible.

  • Budget- The approved budget for past and current years.

  • Enrollment- Current and historical

The BoardDocs solution provides the capability of conducting searches by keyword or topic. Searchable documents include: meetings, policies, library, minutes and attachments.

Adopted Trustee Areas Map