One to One Initiative FAQ

Parent Involvement

How do I, as a parent, limit the content that is available on my child's iPad?

iOS (the operating that runs the iPad) gives parents a wide variety of control over the content that is allowed to be placed onto their devices. To learn about parental controls (restrictions), please click here to be taken to Apple's "Understanding Restrictions" page

iPad Roll-Out

When Will Students be Issued an iPad?

iPads will be issued during school registration. This is subject to change on a year-to-year basis. 

May My Child Use Their Own Personal iPad?

No. Only the iPad issued by the school will be used, as it will contain settings and features not available on personal-owned devices.

May Students Take the iPad Home?

Yes. Students can take the devices home. All network traffic will be routed back through the school district, which will provide the same filtering as if the devices were on the school district network.

Will Students Keep The Devices During Breaks?

Yes, with the exception of summer vacation. 

Where Can I Learn More About the iPad?

You can learn about the iPad directly from Apple - visit http://www.apple.com/ipad

My Student is a Senior. Can He or She Purchase the Device At The End of the Year?  

Yes, the student can purchase the iPad at the end of the year. The purchase prices will be explained in their signed user agreement. 

Device Management

How will you manage the devices?

All devices will be managed by the district's Mobile Device Management system (MDM). The device cannot be removed from the MDM. Erasing the device will simply cause it to be re-enrolled into the MDM.

Will my child's Internet traffic be filtered? 

Yes. All traffic, regardless of device location or the network it is connected to, will be re-routed back to the school district. All traffic will be filtered as if the student was physically connected to the LCSD#2 network.

Is there a remote find or "kill" device on the iPad if it is lost or stolen?

Students will need to use their Apple ID and the "Find my iPhone" feature, available at https://www.icloud.com to find their iPad. The IT department can also put the device into a locked-down mode. 

iTunes Store

Is a personal iTunes account required? 

Yes, an iTunes account is required to download apps and books from Apple.

Is a credit card required to download and install software?

No, a credit card is not required to download and install software. Under account information, billing, "None" is a selectable CC option.

Can I load apps on my child's device?

Yes, a parent can load apps on the device, as long as the device is using the student's iTunes account and following licensing agreements per the app.

Can a student install other apps or music? 

Yes, the student can load other apps and music/videos. Rating restricts will be enforced on the device, as set by the school district and parental controls.